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Our mission is clear: Redefining Legal Practice to meet the increasing demands and challenges of complex business solutions, dispute resolution, and advisory services.

Practice Areas

Dispute Resolution

Our Dispute Resolution practice represents clients in a broad spectrum of contentious, semi-contentious, and non-contentious matters. We ensure that disputes are resolved efficiently and at a cost suitable to the case.

Oasis lawyers use diverse dispute resolution mechanisms as follows:

  • Alternative Dispute
  • Resolution, ADR
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Criminal and Civil
  • Litigation
  • Dispute Advisory-
  • Exposure/potential claims and liability analysis
  • Election Petitions
  • Financial Crimes: Anti-money laundering, bribery and corruption
  • Mediation & Negotiation
  • Public Interest Litigation

At Oasis, our techniques are to assist clients in settling disputes in optimal ways that ensure success. Our Dispute Resolution Practice includes civil litigation, mediation, and arbitration. We have well-experienced trial lawyers, who are highly skilled and regarded for their expertise in complex cases; in commercial litigation, civil disputes, aviation, real estate, banking, financial services, compliance & regulation, Administrative procedural disputes, Oil & Gas, Maritime & Shipping, Public interest, criminal defence.

Our firm also has a strong Alternative Dispute Resolution practice, especially in the area of arbitration. With experience as arbitrators in numerous arbitrations, our lawyers are able to provide advice on the comparative advantages, including costs. This enables clients to make informed decisions on pursuing arbitrations and other forms of dispute resolution or settlement.

Our firm advises and represents Federal and State Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies, Regulators, National and State Assemblies, and their Legislative Committees. We also advise diverse public and private sector entities.

Oasis’ lawyers are experienced and versatile in Debt Recovery and Insolvency Practice in Nigeria. By adopting diverse legal tools for the recovery of debts, we have been successful in recovering debts for clients. Our recovery process starts with a well-laid-down strategy, which is pursued with vigour until the matter is resolved.

Our firm has a strong Insolvency practice and offers comprehensive services in corporate restructuring led by commercial insolvency, insolvency-related litigation, negotiated settlement, enforcement of security interest, and corporate debt restructuring. We represent many clients including public and private companies, financial institutions, etc.

Oasis offers a full range of corporate and commercial Law services, which include transactional and regulatory services. Our understanding of Nigeria’s business environment and the changing landscape enables us to advise our clients on laws and regulations that may affect their businesses.  Our firm also promotes “Ease of Doing Business in Nigeria.”

We provide a wide range of advice to foreign and local companies on investment regulations in various sectors in Nigeria. We offer advisory services on all requirements for foreign businesses intending to set up in Nigeria, including advice on immigration matters pertaining to entry permits, long-stay visas, work permits, expatriate quotas, legal vehicles such as joint ventures, labour and employment laws.

We also assist our clients in the following areas: 

  1. Banking & Finance
  2. Commercial Transactions
  3. Corporate Finance
  4. Company Secretarial
  5. Evaluation of bid proposals
  6. Corporate governance 
  7. Pension
  8. Taxation
  9. Capital market
  10. Legal audit & legal due diligence.
  11. Legal contracts and documentation
  12. Public Private Partnership. Our clients include start-up ventures, small and medium-scale enterprises, and well-established multinational corporations.

Oasis provides services in respect of legal, institutional, and regulatory reforms as part of our public sector work. Our law reform and legislative work assist governments at the Federal, State, and Local levels, as well as multilateral development Agencies. We enhance the overall quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of governments and their Ministries, Departments, and Agencies.

We have provided legislative advocacy support and advisory services to organizations and agencies that work with the National Assembly. We have also provided legal and institutional support and advice to different National Assembly and State Assembly Committees. Oasis has worked with the National Assembly and individual legislators on several law reform initiatives and subjects such as Environmental laws, administration of justice, institutional and law reform, human rights, law & development. We have also been part of drafting and reviewing of Bills, some of which have been passed.

At Oasis, we use our legal expertise to assist companies and managers in anticipating and preventing employee relations problems through legal advice/education, training, and counselling. Our services cover a comprehensive review of all relevant employee issues with an emphasis on compliance with Labour Act, Trade Union Act, Trade Dispute Act, National Minimum Wage Act, Workmen Compensation Act, and other relevant governing statutes.

Oasis has developed significant experience and on-ground knowledge of the administration of criminal justice in Nigeria and has channelled this knowledge and existing contact to assist our clients in protecting their rights when faced with problems with the police and other law enforcement agencies. The firm has represented clients in criminal defence and prosecution.

Oasis’ Estates & Trusts Practice Unit provides legal services covering key phases of Estate Planning, Estate and Trust Administration. These services include the preparation of Wills and Testaments, Administration of Estates, trusts, custodianship, and guardianship, including preparation and filing of Federal and State Estate Tax Returns.

Oasis provides specialized services for clients involved in the Energy and Natural Resources Sector of the Nigerian Economy. The firm provides services in the areas of Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, and Power.

Oasis Intellectual Property Practice Group deals with the creation of intellectual property rights, and commercial exploitation of such rights through registrations, licensing, and litigation when necessary. Our Intellectual Property lawyers have substantial experience in many areas:  trademarks, copyright, and trade secrets. We provide Nigerian and foreign trademarks, copyrights, patent prosecution, counselling and transactional services with a strategic focus aimed at enabling the client to achieve its business objectives. 

Oasis assists clients in protecting intellectual property rights from infringement, counterfeiting, misappropriation, and unfair competition.

Our firm recognizes that real estate is essential to the overall productivity in any business establishment. We are also aware of the role of infrastructural development in the Nigerian economy. Consequently, we have a team of lawyers who have the requisite skills in this field. Our lawyers are involved in the acquisition, compensation, and financing of real estate to perfection of titles across Nigeria. Our firm has experience in the area of conceptualization, financing, construction, and maintenance of several privately developed estates.

We have advised our clients and proffered solutions on issues relating to tenancy and recovery of rent and mesne profit. We have had to negotiate the acquisition of land with owners/occupiers and advise on how much and to whom compensation is due. This has been accomplished through careful consideration of the Land Use Act, the Urban and Regional Planning Act, etc

Oasis has a team of skilled lawyers who are pure compliance experts with experience in this area.  We deploy these skills in representing our clients in respect of regulatory compliance in diverse areas among which are: 

  1. Banking and Financial Sector 
  2. Competition and Consumer Protection
  3. Intellectual Property
  4. Sector Entry and Emerging Market Tax
  5. Government Relations 
  6. Public Policy
  7. Administration of Estate

Development Law and public interest is the legal model that prioritises people over other factors.  Development law is interested in wealth and growth but insists that they must be geared towards human development.  

Our Development Law and Public Interest Practice relates to human rights protection, promotion of the rule of law, access to justice, pro-bono legal services for the poor & vulnerable, law reform, etc.

Oasis Environmental Law Unit combines environmental law and other areas of the law pertaining to investment and compliance with local laws and regulations. Our strategy is focused on promoting the businesses of our clients, while not compromising on the preservation and protection of nature and the environment.

We provide a full range of services for our clients in matters including statutory registrations, permits, and other administrative matters. We cover dispute resolution in the field of environmental law.

Oasis is involved in a number of non-profit initiatives. In addition to assisting clients in this field with registrations and incorporation formalities, Oasis lawyers also provide non-fee earning services such as teaching, coaching, and mentoring of beneficiaries of some of the initiatives.

At Oasis, we understand the global impression of the need for companies to embed respect for human rights throughout their organisation and supply chains, in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We help commercial entities to appraise and avoid the likelihood of their business adversely affecting human rights as firmly entrenched in applicable laws and regulations, corporate policies, and International standards including the Modern Slavery Act and the Dodd-Frank Act. 

Our team members are trained to work with clients to identify the risks that their business processes could potentially pose to human rights and to control the associated risks to their own businesses. 

We help organizations to:

  1. Ensure they operate in compliance with existing corporate policies and processes.
  2. Conduct human rights impact reviews of select factories across the globe, including assessing working conditions and labour relations. 
  3. Develop human rights policies and governance frameworks.
  4. Lead strategy meetings with the Board and Senior Management. 
  5. Handle risk management and human rights due diligence in business relationships and transactions including;
    1. Through contractual obligations and codes of conduct
    2. Compliance with national and international reporting requirements and standards
    3. Devising effective processes to recognize and mitigate the likelihood of modern slavery and to comply with reporting standards.
    4. Instituting and implementing human rights grievance mechanisms.
    5. Investigation and resolution of disputes.

The emergence of new information and communication technologies in recent times has significantly changed the way people learn, socialize, and purchase goods and services. These changes have led to novel legal frictions between legacy industries and the new economy, in addition to unsettled regulations and ambiguous legislation.

Oasis’ multi-disciplinary teams of lawyers who are deeply versed and experienced in both private practice and government, efficiently provide counsel and advocate for clients in the IT-communications-media spectrum. 

Oasis’ telecommunications and media clients include telecommunications carriers, broadcast station owners, satellite communications systems, internet service providers (ISPs) and Internet content distributors, wireless and optical equipment vendors and service providers, trade associations, financial institutions, venture-backed start-ups, schools and universities, entrepreneurs and government entities.

Oasis helps clients to;

  1. Interpret Commission rules and policies affecting their operations, and counsels them on regulatory compliance.
  2. Undertake transactions involving the purchase or sale of communications properties, mergers and acquisitions, privatizations, project finance, and infrastructure development.
  3. Coordinate all aspects of the transactions – from the letter of intent to contract negotiation and drafting, through preparation of applications for regulatory approvals, to the closing table.
  4. Efficiently cope with all aspects of ensuing litigation.

Oasis’ multidisciplinary Maritime Team provides sophisticated legal services and counsels clients on the need to successfully accomplish their business objectives. The maritime team has extensive experience in all aspects of maritime operations, including:

  1. Casualty, pollution, and salvage
  2. Vessel finance, maritime bankruptcies, and workouts, including maritime liens
  3. Energy, LNG/LPG, and cables
  4. Marine appellate and amicus curiae
  5. Maritime and logistics contracts
  6. Regulatory and government
  7. Maritime security and piracy
  8. Intermodal and terminal
  9. Cruise line and yachts 

Oasis lawyers are intimately familiar with aviation law and regulations in Nigeria and are abreast with current trends and developments in the international aviation circle. 

Our team regularly counsels clients on legal issues that are specific to the aviation industry, including:

  1. Aircraft accident investigations and litigation
  2. Financing and leasing
  3. Aviation regulation
  4. Aviation policy
  5. Business aviation
  6. Commercial Litigation
  7. Licensing and certification of air carrier operations
  8. Leasing land and airport space
  9. Major accident response
  10. Negotiating slot agreements
  11. structuring operations
  12. representing clients before other government agencies
  13. product liability
  14. providing ongoing support for our client’s operations, including the handling of arbitrations and litigation of commercial disputes and multidistrict litigation of claims resulting from accidents
  15. Safety risk management
  16. Space technology

At Oasis, our lawyers have in-depth experience and resources to address trade matters, including multilateral and bilateral trade dispute settlement, import and export regulations, sanctions, unfair trade practices, foreign investment restrictions, trade negotiations, and trade defence.

Our areas of expertise include;


  1. Participation and consultancy on ongoing multilateral and bilateral trade negotiations.
  2. Investment treaties and disputes
  3. Trade Agreement
  4. Cross-border trade finance
  5. Trade sanctions and restrictions
  6. Custom and Border Administration
  7. Litigation and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms

Oasis’ multi-disciplinary lawyers are grounded in in-depth knowledge of the Nigerian sports industry and dedicate a major portion of their practice to sports-related work.

Our clients include professional athletes, individual teams, IP licensees and licensors, sports facilities, sports media personnel and organizations, sports ownership groups, and sports betting companies.

Our areas of expertise include;

  1. Arbitrations arising pursuant to dispute resolution clauses in professional sports contracts
  2. Crisis management
  3. sponsorship transactions, including naming rights
  4. Litigation of sports disputes 
  5. Development, negotiation, and enforcement of association rules and regulations
  6. Acquisitions and disposal of professional franchises and venues
  7. Reorganizations and bankruptcy proceedings
  8. Strategic joint ventures Intellectual property and licensing
  9. Collective bargaining and other labour matters
  10. Antitrust counselling and representation

Oasis Barristers & Solicitors has been involved in several transactions, deal structuring, and documentation. These include secured credit transactions; SME-based financing, EXIM bank facilities contracts, debt swaps, sale and leaseback transactions, and operational and finance lease transactions for banks, financial institutions, and clients in other sectors of the company.

At Oasis, we recognize the relevance of data, and the emergence of many techniques being developed to safely retrieve different types of data. Oasis has an array of lawyers with a depth of experience in data protection and privacy laws.

We provide advice to companies across all sectors on data protection and privacy, we represent clients on issues about privacy, response to data breaches, information management and records retention,  data protection, cyber security preparedness,  dispute resolution and litigation, cyber insurance, and regulatory investigations